Saturday, October 3, 2009

Did You Know?

Last Tuesday I took a class called Fold Forming and Embossing from Carl Stanley at Farrin O'Connor Design Studios in Pasadena, CA

It's a great jewelry studio, and Carl is a wonderful teacher. One little trick (among the many)I learned from him in that class is: *Did you know*, that you can turn your flexible shaft machine into a little mini lathe?

That is how the little wooden pin cap was made!
The photo at left is the finished pin, center is a close up of the fold formed and embossed top, and right is the little pin cap that was a wooden dowel, "turned" on my flex shaft *lathe*.

Great fun, hope you like it!


~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

I did know that. In theory. Never done it or seen it done. I see a demo in our future. And the pin is lovely!

Hey, my word verification is ringo! ;- )

Alice Stroppel said...

Michelle, this is really pretty. You must be smacked to have done it yourself. I love to attend classes like this.

Michelle Ross said...

Hi Alice!

It was a fun class. I envision doing more of these to sell, but instead of wooden point protectors, I will make polymer clay ones!