Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Latest Faux Bone Project

Since I've been showing faux bone/faux ivory in my last 2 postings, I guess it's time to show my latest Faux (the Robert Dancik variety)Bone project.

This piece has sat on my work table for almost a year. I originally made the PMC part for a Deb Jemmott workshop. It was a long time before I fired it, then another long time before I decided what to do with it.

When I added the Faux Bone to the PMC, it took some more time to add the chain because I liked the back more than I liked the front......I could never be a production artist!! Any how, it is now a reversible pendant that I'm still sitting on the fence about it, but atleast it's finally done. I am now free to move on!

Can you guess which was supposed to be the front and which is the back?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Polymer Clay; Faux Bone and Faux Ivory

Last week my eye candy was faux bone, and it turned out that all but one photo were Robert Dancik's Faux Bone. I must redeem myself to the loyal polymer clay people, so this time it's faux bone or faux ivory, all polymer clay! I think the versatility of polymer clay is displayed well here. From book jackets to beads to card cases........what can't you do with it?

What can't you do with polymer clay? The person who post's the most imaginative answer to this question wins 2 of my faux bone beads from a segment of the Carol Duvall Show where I demonstrated Faux Bone and Faux Amber! So get crazy and think up a really good answer. Leave it in the comments area, and I'll set a deadline depending on how many comments there are.
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Friday, July 17, 2009

Weekend Eye Candy, Faux Bone Edition

Faux Bone, originally uploaded by Michelle Ross.

I've been making faux bone in polymer clay for a long time. Then along came Robert Dancik with his product actually called "Faux Bone". I took a class from him just because I like to sit at the masters feet and absorb. It's a very interesting product as you can see. Dig a little deeper than what you see here, and it will really "wow" you. Polymer clay artists are still doing some amazing things with imitating bone in the clay, so though I have only provided one photo of polymer clay beads, I urge you to hunt for more. Believe me, it you take the trip on the internet, I'm sure it will be worth the price of admission!

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Also, if you go to my web site, click on Gallery, then Mixed Media, you will see some examples of a couple of things that I made with Roberts Faux Bone.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wabi-sabi Earrings

I've always loved earrings that weren't exactly the same. They go together, have some elements that are the same or similar, but they don't exactly match. In the 70's I used to go out of my way to mix and match a pair of earrings. Now, I can make them! These earrings were put together from bits and pieces that I had just waiting to become something. Next time, I think I'd like to start out intentionally making a Wabi-sabi pair.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Weekend Eye Candy, Earrings

1. little lambs eat ivy earrings, 2. Silver scroll Earrings, 3. Tatlin Earrings, 4. Fiery Sunset Tree Earrings, 5. Earrings, 6. Vibrant Earrings, 7. Squares and Spirals -post earrings, 8. Daisy Adorned Lotus Petal Earrings, 9. in alice's garden - retro bauble earrings

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

This week I made a pair of earrings that I love, love, love! So my eye candy picks are all about the earring! I hope you enjoy them.
Later I will take and post a photo of my earrings, so stay tuned.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Weekend Eye Candy, Felting

Weekend Eye Candy, Felting, originally uploaded by Michelle Ross.

I love felting...... felted bags, felted flowers, felted anything!
I'm a huge fan of the felted bag, so I'm giving away FREE on my web site a little pattern for a felted shopping bag that I created.
It is embellished with crochet flowers and leaves, but you can embellish it any way you like. Get creative with it!
If you make one and send me a picture, I would love to post it on the blog for all to see. You can get it at
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